Submission to UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women: call for immediate action to stop violence against women who use drugs, EHRN, 2010

Women who use drugs experience systematic and widespread violence, harassment, and sexual abuse at the hands of law enforcement officers, in health care settings as well as at home.  Stigmatizing drug policies in Eastern Europe and Central Asia that criminalize drug use at the expense of public health perpetuate this cycle of violence. This submission to the Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women focuses on the direct testimonies of women from Russia and Ukraine, as well as of harm reduction service providers from Ukraine and Georgia while calling for action to ensure that national policies and practices are in full compliance with the international commitments to protect women who use drugs.

Special notes

The submission is prepared in the framework of European Commission funded project "Strengthening the response of non-state actors to growing needs of women who use drugs". 


This article was originally featured on Eurasian Harm Reduction Network

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